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Leather Straps

It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to put leather straps on my bags but I’ve been hesitant to purchase a bunch of stuff online while not really knowing anything about what I’m buying. Turns out there is a Tandy Leather brick and mortar store just a few miles from my house. Who knew? The very nice gentleman helped me find everything I needed to attach leather straps with rivets to my bag. I got a hand press, a couple sizes of rivets and all the necessary hand press attachments.



After watching a few YouTube videos, I was in business. The only mistake I made on this bag was marking the rivet placements on the fabric with a pen and then realizing I marked them in the wrong place (oops),  which is why I took another piece of leather and a few rivets and attached them on over the pen marks.  Whew.leather-straps-2

I actually like the extra pieces of leather.  They make the top of the bag more sturdy and less floppy.

Since this is my first time using leather like this I have so many questions:

Should I have reinforced the area around the fabric where the straps are attached? Probably.
Will the fabric hold up under long-term use?  I hope so.
Am I allergic to the tanning chemicals in the leather?  Possibly.
Is there a safer leather to use?  I think so.  I need to do some more research.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my new bag!  Fabric is duck cloth from Hobby Lobby.

Craft Apple

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