Chemise & Corset Purse

Last week I found myself opening up my order of Ginger Blossom and just loving it at first site.  Then looking for inspiration, I stumbled on some vintage clothing inspiration:  a gathered chemise worn under a corset.  Please understand, I’m not going for anything sexy here  (I hesitated to even use that word on my family-friendly blog.  I can see it now:  Junior reading over Mommy’s shoulder, “Mommy, what does ‘sexy’ mean?”  Ahem.)  I really liked the feminine gathers and the curve of the top. 

c&c closeup

And, I’ve found a way to gather that I really, really like.  Hopefully I’ll show you that technique in my next post.

c&c bag

Update:  This bag inspired a new pattern – the Chemisette Handbag- that can be found here.

43 thoughts on “Chemise & Corset Purse

  1. Wow this bag is gorgeous – did you make it up yourself? This needs to be published! It’s such a unique twist on all the bags out there right now. Wonderful idea! I can even imagine bosoms in that top photo lol!! So now Junior can ask you about sexy and bosoms. Sorry!

  2. I love this! And I will gladly take whatever tutorials you’re willing to give– being someone who enjoys making Ren Faire costumes and such, I love lace-up looks!

  3. What pattern did you use? Or did you draw it by yourself? I´d like to sew that kind of bag too. I love it!!!
    (Sorry for my english… I´m from germany!)

    Greetz Elke

  4. Hi 🙂
    Excuse me for bothering. I read your helpful tutorial about the magnetic snap button, and left a question there.. I hadn’t noticed it was rather old! I’ll paste it here.
    Sorry for bothering you :).

    “Hello 🙂
    Thank you for the helpful tutorial. I am an absolute beginner in sewing, and I am deeply grateful for these tips…
    I had, however, a question on the snap buttons topic. I usually sew the lining of the bag separated from the outer fabric and interfacing, which are together, and then attach it just at the top line.
    If I place the snap closure on the lining, won’t it have a weird effect, like the lining bending inwards and the outer layers remaining wide open as before?

    I hope I made what I mean clear enough. I apologize for my rather inadequate english… 🙂

    Thank you so very much for your help.”


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  6. Cool! I will definitely have to try this technique. I hate gathering for the same reason…breaking threads. Beautiful even gathers and cute fabrics.

  7. adorable purse! I love it. hey, I am a seamstress (and a newbie at quilting). anytime you have a sewing problem or question…leave a note on my blog. I like helping people and sharing my knowledge.


  8. I can’t just lurk. Gotta tell you how cute your things are. Thanks for sharing your tips and your talents! I’m inspired!

    On the laminated cotton, you can also try putting a layer of tissue paper over it for sewing without catching on your normal foot. (I discovered the trick when I was trying unsuccessfully to sew on vinyl.)

  9. HI,
    I used to gather this way when I would make my dd tee shirt dresses. You are right! It is a very easy and quick way to gather, and I love it too. Thanks for bringing it back to my memory–LOL.
    I am wondering if you are going to make a pattern for this bag? I love it! Please let me know as I would purchase it in a heartbeat.

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