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A few days ago, someone mentioned a wall pocket to me.  I had never heard of one before, but a quick search led me to PBTeen‘s pocket board system.  Beautiful!  And certainly doable.  So even though there were several things on my list of things to do, this project went straight to the top.


I like how it turned out, but I think I’d like to try some with more pockets.  Inside is a 12×12″ corkboard, and in case anyone is wondering, yes, my machine sews through corkboard without skipping stitches!  Lots of fun to make, I can’t wait to try some more.

I was also able to finally finish the living room cushions I’ve been making.  The fabric is from Amy Butler’s Forest line.  It is so pretty and goes great with the blue and green theme I have going in there.  And we finally got curtains up!  The living room is just how I want it (except for the toys everywhere). It feels so nice for it to have a finished feeling!




25 thoughts on “This And That

  1. That is a very cute wall pocket. I have no idea if my sewing machine could sew through cork…I’d be afraid to try! But if it was made like a big pocket in the bag the cork part could just be slipped inside.

    Now I want to make one!

  2. Wow thank you – the wall pockets are inspiring. I doubt you read my blog but I mentioned this on mine recently just couldn’t had my head around what I wanted – this style is perfect. Thank you.

  3. I love your wallpocket. Yet, I kinda hate you for having such an awesome sewing machine.

    And the pillows came out so lovely, all nice and centered and perfect!

    And you’ve got lots of good goodies there lady, so much fun!

  4. Linda,

    You really have to stop being so creative! You are starting to make me feel bad! 😉

    The wall pocket is so cute and I love that apple fabric. Your models are quite adorable too!

  5. I can’t believe your machine can sew through corkboard. I would be afraid to even try, I cringe when I break a needle! Hey your ideas are awesome and so is your fabric! Love, love, love the pillows.

  6. You are so crafty!! I’m glad you liked you swap package. We just got back from a late summer beach vacation. I did some knitting. I still haven’t opened my new machine. I’m so intimidated! Silly me!

  7. Can I borrow your sewing machine? Like, for the rest of its natural life?

    The pocket board and pillows are great. Isn’t it great when a room finally comes together and you actually like it?!

  8. I really like your living room. Can’t see any toys either…

    And good idea that wall pocket of yours… At this rate my new house will be full of stolen ideas from everyone. I’ll be done for plagiarism!

  9. Love the wallpocket. Those would be super teacher gifts for a teacher to hang in the classroom. So many great fabrics to use and would definitely come in handy.

    They would also be great for your boys to organize their school work and display the good stuff.

    Lots of potential. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    And the Bernina sews through corkboard?!!??? You brave one for trying! Love that machine.

    Living room looks so inviting!

  10. Someone has been busy!! That Bernina is one strong lady 🙂 Anyways, I love the wall pocket; it would be so nice over a work area and thank you for the notebook cover tutorial (nice pics and clear directions).

  11. I’m going to make a wall pocket! What a brilliant idea for by my chair where I do my sewing. I can then pop in all the bits and peices in stead of them constatly falling off the arm of the chair!

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