I have been obsessed lately.  Obsessed with making something.  And now I’ve made about 20 of them.  It all started when a friend of mine asked me to come to a mom and daughter’s group and do a little sewing craft.  (I’m not sure if she reads this blog, but if so, Hi Sarah!!!)  I tried to think of something small and easy.  Something that would be fun for new and experienced sewers.  Something that we could do cheaply.  After a couple days of deep thought, I came up with an idea.  I even started dreaming about it in my sleep.  Then in my craziness, I thought I’d put together a pattern.  Well, what I thought would be easy turned into this big project.  The pattern went to the top of the list of crafty things to get done and here I am with a new pattern and a bunch of new pincushions. 

picushion cover1.jpg

So my latest pattern is called:  Pincushions!  In this pattern are the instructions to make The Tufted Square,

tufted -final.jpg

the Rice Bowl

the Petit Four,


and the Delightfully Round Cupcake (see top picture) that when poked strategically with pins can look very much like an alien

or two.  🙂


These footed baking cups are so fun!  Thanks for posting about them, Joanna!

Pattern is in the shop.

35 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. Congratulations on getting a new pattern out! The Petit Fours are too cute.

    I love and use my rice bowl pincushion daily. It’s reserved for my favorite hand sewing needles so I can keep them separate from all the needles I don’t like. My favorite thing about it is the weight of the rice bowl as the base. It always stays put and is small enough it’s easy to move around and fit where I need it.

  2. hi!
    my first time commenting here!
    these pincushions are so cute… love the one with feet and the alien! the question is: do I have the courage to pin them?

  3. Those are soo sweet. I bought a fabric on Ebay yesterday with small multicoloured dots on. My idea is to team this up with a stripey fabric and make a cup cake with 100s and 1000s on the top. Your bag was fantastic too. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who struggles with getting my ideas onto fabric and off paper. Thank you.

  4. How cool! You are just the most creative person. You could also do them in different themes to use to decorate with, not just for pincushions. Why stop at pincushions? LOL!

  5. That’s funny – I just finished up a pincushion tonight. But, mine doesn’t look nearly as cute as yours. In fact, it looks a bit like a Barbie doll ottoman! 🙂 You did a great job with these!

  6. You don’t have to tell me about obsessions. May I please order the shredded coconut cupcake, please? Yum. The girls are obsessed with the cupcakes in the sewing room. Don’t ask me why I’m commenting while I should be packing. See you soon!

  7. Oh my gosh, those cupcakes are adorable! I saw them over on Fish in My Hair and just had to check out the rest. Thank you by the way for influencing TC’s blogging career. Her blog has kept me going on more than one “iffy” homeschooling days.

  8. Ditto on seeing them on TC’s blog. Very very cute. Since I see you do tutorials I was wondering if I could bug you with a question. Is it possible to do the smocking (I think that is what it is called) like at the top of sundresses with just a regular machine and if so could you point me in a direction with info on how to do it?
    Thanks. Love your blog

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