Travel Diaries: Taipei Coffee Shop

Remember how hard it was to come up with a blog name?  (To those of you who didn’t have a hard time, I’m jealous.)  Now let’s say you’d like to have your blog name in another language, like Russian, just to give your blog a little more character.  Here’s some advice:  find a reliable native speaker of the language to help you capture the feel of what you want your blog to say.

Now let’s say you have a plain banner with your blog name in English and Russian (a name that you just found using Babelfish) and you decide that you want a graphic to put beside the name to capture the feel of what you want your blog to look like.  You think, “I want a romantic feel.”  and you google “romantic images” and slap on a picture that shows up.  Hmm…. advice #2:  hire a good graphic designer than can capture that feel for you.

Now let’s say instead of a blog, you were opening a coffee shop.  Here is an example of someone who opened a coffee shop and did not follow the first line of advice:

 No title needed.

And here they are again, neglecting advice #2.

 No title needed

The funny thing is that if I were the coffee-shop-going type, I just might go to this coffee shop in spite of the name.  I’ve found many coffee shops in Taiwan to be unique and fun to go to with nice little appetizers and delicious drinks.  And you can tell by the entrance landscaping that the owner of this one really cares about his business. 

We are enjoying our time here.  I had forgotten how incredibly tired I can get when jetlagging.

8 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: Taipei Coffee Shop

  1. Hi, delurking to say I enjoy your blog. That coffee shop is pretty hilarious, hope you find other fun shop names over there.

    Funny you should mention the tortures of thinking of a blog name – that’s where I am right now. Everytime I think of something, it’s gone already – even if said blog is languishing in a state of unupdatedness.

    Any tips appreciated!


  2. Oh, I’m jealous. My son lives in Taoyuan and I miss him. If you get to Taoyuan, visit Shen Cafe and please tell them Alex’ mom sent you. Shen and Fannie are the dearest people. Enjoy your time.

    Oh, and they had an American (Erin) translate their menu so it reads correctly, but I thought some of the English translations I saw over there were just hilarious. Like the young man wearing the t-shirt that said “Hysterical Route 66” instead of historical. I nearly cracked up reading it.

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