Sewing with my own fabric & a Tutorial!

Tutorial: Creating A  Repeat Design in Photoshop here.

After my Spoonflower post I got into a conversation with a commenter about creating a repeat design for fabric printing.  Although I’m not super experienced, I’ve used Photoshop for creating repeats for printing backgrounds on my pattern covers.  So I wrote a tutorial.  It is LONG.  Long and hearty with 30 plus screenshots.  So long that it’s getting it’s own page here.

As for the Spoonflower fabric?  I finally got up the guts to cut into it.  When fabric costs $16.50/yard plus shipping, you think twice before cutting and you think about how sparingly it can be used.  I made a drawing case, adapted from my pattern to include a magnetic snap closure.
Sketchy drawing case

I paired it with some wool felt which I’ve always had a crush on but never dared to use.  It adds a nice sturdy feel to the project, but I had to forgo some topstitching because it was too thick.

sketchy drawing case2

Sewing with fabric that I designed myself definitely adds a nice layer of fun to the creative process.

8 thoughts on “Sewing with my own fabric & a Tutorial!

  1. It looks wonderful! You know, in Australia, quilting fabric retails in an actual quilt shop at around $22/ metre. Maybe I should spoonflower some myself, and use with abandon!

    • Wow – I know you pay a lot in Australia, but I never considered that printing your own could be cheaper. I say design and print with abandon! And enjoy the “cheap” fabric! 🙂

  2. Lovely make with your own fabric. I did mange to start following your tutorial at work on Friday but I had to use a Mac so I will have to leave it until Monday to do any more.
    Still think that this design is such a cute design.

  3. I love your fabric!!! The design is wonderful!! And I like the drawing case!!
    …thank you for the tutorial for Photoshop, too! I’ll try it!

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