6 thoughts on “M. Couture

  1. Are those LEGO guys? I don’t recognize them. We are major LEGO lovers here. I want a Sensei. !!

    Your mushie pic reminded me of some funny times … I once got an eggplant with a long protuberance, so I put some google eyes and a doll hat on it and send the photo out to my ebuds. Got back, “You have WAY too much time on your hands.” LOL Yeah, but at least I do something FUN with it.

    And back when my kids were middle schoolish, we had a huge pumpkin patch and one of the girls and her friend took the video camera and the troll dolls out there and made a hysterical video about the pumpkin patch attacking and eating the trolls. I wish I knew where that was. … Dang. I don’t think we have a machine that plays VHS any more.

    Sigh. Something else to do. Get those old home movies digitized. Speaking of things to do … I wanted to LIKE Craft Apple on my new facebook page, but I don’t see a LIKE ME ON YOUR FACEBOOK linkie thingie at your store. (You know, the thing where YOU did all the “figure out the software” work instead of me LOL) Maybe I’ll just post the URL on my wall and see if that works.

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